Air Freight

Air Freight

Recent trends show that the diverse shipping methods have made air freight a valuable option for time-critical shipments around the world. It is often utilised for time-sensitive urgent shipments of goods or high-value goods. This is relatively expensive than sea freight, although the process is faster and often without added risks. There are, however, several restrictions to consider when opting for air freight, in terms of safety and legal implications.
How are air freight rates calculated? The chargeable weight is the gross weight (including the freight, packaging and pallet) or the volumetric weight — whichever is greater. Volumetric weight is calculated using a formula that divides the cargo’s measurements (LxWxH) by a dimensional weight factor. Typically, larger items that weigh less take up more space than small, heavy items, which is why air cargo carriers use the chargeable weight formula. You may also need to add the cost of duty, taxes imposed depending on each country in addition to the chargeable freight.
Once packed goods have being handed to us ,the cargo is sent to the airport to be processed and cleared through customs and loaded on to the plane.

Air freight shipments have several restrictions which lists the likes of explosives, gases, flammable or radioactive items, toxic and infectious items, chemicals or other products which carry safety warnings, strong magnets, and any item that would be dangerous to public health are banned from shipments.
CSL AUST provides top-class services of air freight in Australia. We offer flexibility over different delivery options. Regardless the size of a business, our team of professionals is committed to a quick and smooth supply of your goods.

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